You wouldn’t visit a new destination without a map, would you?

Your Massive Action Plan (M.A.P.) starts by defining your ideal destination and setting your course. Your journey requires CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION, and COACHING, so when you come to a crossroads, you have the confidence knowing ProPartners Wealth will be by your side.

Massive Action Plan (M.A.P.)

Tailored to the needs of your unique journey



Strategic Plan Tactical Plan Operational Plan
Core Values – Guiding Principles Yearly Plan Market Analysis
Core Focus – definite purpose Quarterly Rocks Accountability Chart
Ideal Destination MAP Issues List KPI’s
3 year Target Coaching & Accountability Legal Docs and Agreements
Team Buy-in Marketing Strategy Informal Business Evaluation


Estate Plan Estate Equalization Social Good Plan
Asset Protection Asset Distribution Assess Areas of Focus
Estate Tax Mitigation Strategies Coordinate with CPA/Attorney Maximize Philanthropic Impact
Protected Beneficiaries Multi-generational planning Tax Mitigation
Asset Titling Family Coaching Family Involvement
Emergency Disaster Preparedness Drill Coordinated reviews Legacy Protection


Financial Independence Craft Investment Strategy Tax Mitigation
Track Progress Identify opportunity to increase return & reduce risk Coordinate business & investment strategy
Coordinate Business, Legacy, and Charitable Goals Identify risk profile Business Acquisition Funding
Identify Timeline Riskalyze Analysis Employer Sponsored Retirement
Assess Income Producing Assets Evaluate current investment risk Roth Conversion
Budget Analysis Coordinated reviews Business Exit Strategy


Income/Asset Protection Business Protection Legal Protection
Synchronized Implementation Key Employee Plan to Complement Exit Strategy Coordinate legal strategies
Debt Management Attract, Retain, and Reward Key Employees Coordinate insurance
Evaluate Best Options Employee Benefits Survey Divorce Protection
Identify Gaps or Surplus Buy/Sell Agreement Review Estate Tax Mitigation
Family Assessment Identify Key Triggering Events Creditor Protection


Evaluate Negotiate Implement
Needs Analysis Key Employee Planning Timeline Management
Identify Buyers Asset Protection Legal Docs and Agreements
Biz Assessment Mediation Investment/Income Plan
Exit Plan Financing Internal/External Coordination of Professionals
Estate/Charitable Plan Real Estate Strategies Closing Proceedures


Massive Action Plan 5 Big F’s Blind-Side Protection
PPW Cloud Platform Faith Aspirations Unbiased View
Confidence Boost Family/Friends Out side Prospective
Goal Coordination Finance Targets Loyal Confidante
Goal Setting Fitness Goals Laser Focus
Clarity of purpose Fun Planner Accountability Partner

With your goals in mind, you can chart your journey’s course, heading toward financial freedom with peace of mind, knowing you have an effective and flexible plan in place.

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As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and many times the urgent gets more time and attention than the important. If you’re like most you find it hard to work on your business while working in your business.

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Business Transition

Are you thinking about making the transition to sell your business?

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Personal Planning

Many of you have had advisors before you met us, but do you really know what you want from an advisor relationship? Do you understand how to invest wisely and avoid mistakes?

We provide you with clarity, creativity, collaboraton and coaching.


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Getting to your Ideal Destination

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